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Mon.&Fri. 12:05pm
Tue.&Thu. 8:15am
Wed. 6pm
Sat. 5pm
Sun.(English) 9 am
Sun.(Spanish) 4 pm


Are you, or someone you know, interested in the Catholic Faith?

We will soon begin a new journey (August 9th) in faith to learn about the Catholic Church and what the Church teaches. These are information sessions. They are not comparative or competitive with other religions. There is no requirement to join the Catholic Church.

These sessions are also opportunities for you, and others that you may wish to invite, to ask those perplexing and difficult questions you may have about the Church. These gatherings are for inquirers and are open to people who are unbaptized, as well as those who are baptized Christians.

For further information, please contact the church office (601-426-3473) or Deacon Rich (601-580-9511).